I'm really concerned with nutrition personally and, as a psychologist, I also talk a lot about it with patients who have eating disorders and overeating issues.  The Fitness Underground has been enormously helpful to me both personally and professionally.  I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! 
Stephanie B., Ph. D., Psychologist 
Los Angeles, CA

People ask me all the time, “What are you doing? You look AMAZING, I wish I had the time to put into a workout”. My evolution began with The Fitness Underground.  My body changed and my mind caught up. Being photographed post baby #2 was crushing. When my journey began, I was a size 8 and 148 pounds; now, 6 months later, I’m a size 1 and 113 pounds. I did not go in wanting to be a “hot mom” or “hot wife”. I went in wanting to be a HOT WOMAN! This was about ME.  I wanted my life to be different. I did not want to be conventional, typical, perceived simply as a wife and mother. I wanted to “own me” - find empowerment.  I wanted to show myself what kind of woman I am and not allow myself to be defined by others.
My fitness coaches and creators of Fitness Underground Texas and Markus quickly identified what makes me tick, they aid the “individual” to push beyond any personal benchmarks with motivation, weekend challenges and nutrition tips that ensure success.  My body changed, my mind changed, my world is just getting started.  The workouts, boot camps, clinics and personal training are specific, intense, and effective and you WILL obtain BEYOND your expectations. It is more than a workout, it is a “real change” - a permanent change. It re-defined my world, hence my dreams got bigger, obtainable and I learned to LIVE life not simply EXIST through it. 
Francesca F
Playa Del Rey, CA

I came to Markus and Texas as a very discouraged ex-athlete who had suffered a serious injury and in turn gained weight, lost confidence and was suffering from a lost sense of well being. From the first session both Markus and Texas offered not only incredible expertise in helping me regain my strength, form and figure, but they imparted to me great wisdom about having the courage to continue, they taught me that you haven't failed until you've given up. Markus and Texas both bring unique skills to their sessions, I have learned new skills and truly grown as an athlete while achieving my goal weight. Together these two are a dynamic duo that can overhaul and reshape any lifestyle, any body, any mindset. If you need to get schooled in getting in shape and getting healthy, this is the team to do it. Word.
Heather T. - Getty Images
Los Angeles, CA

As of today, I've lost 26.5 pounds from Beach Boot Camp! I'm also much stronger and healthier than when I started almost 4 months ago.

When I started Boot Camp, my baby was 61/2 months old. I was still carrying about 20 lbs. of my baby fat and was looking for something to motivate me to lose it. During my pregnancy, I gained about 50 pounds. After I had the baby, I lost 20 pounds and weighed about 200 pounds! I tried losing the weight on my own by walking my dog approximately 3 miles a day and I also joined a gym. Being a full-time mom, I had difficulty finding time to workout.  All the classes at the gym didn't fit my and my husband's schedule. So I decided to go to the gym early in the morning and work on the elliptical machine on my own. It's very difficult to be motivated when exercising all alone! Needless to say, I cancelled my membership after only 2 visits. I wasn't encouraged or excited by the gym atmosphere. I tried exercising on the Wii Fit, I tried Yoga, I tried exercise videos - my biggest challenge was getting myself motivated. It's easy to put something off if no one is there to help give you a little push in the right directions I managed to lose 13 pounds on my own, but still nowhere near my pre-pregnancy weight. Friends with kids told me that I will never lose the weight and should embrace my new body. I couldn't accept that! I needed a push!

I joined the Beach Boot Camp not knowing what to expect. Right away, Texas and Markus were not the trainers I had imagined. They were kind, dedicated and easy to approach. They paid attention to each individual Boot Campers and encouraged each of us in a way unique to our own situation. Not only did they make each work out enjoyable, they also kept it fresh. I never got bored with the workouts. When I started out, I could barely do 2 push-ups (on my knees)! I now can do... quite a few, not on my knees.

My goal was to just reach my pre-pregnancy weight, but through the Beach Boot Camp, I've lost more - and have done it all the healthy way! Thanks to Texas and Markus, I'm leaner and stronger and look forward to healthier life as I get older. Texas and Markus not only have taught me to lead a healthier life through exercise, but also through the choices I make in what I eat. They send us weekly nutrition tips, recipes and also weekend challenges! I have not met a more dedicated trainer who is willing to put in extra time for their clients outside of class. Thanks to these weekly emails, I was able to still lose weight while I was on vacation!

Everything about the Boot Camp, I love! I love our small, intimate group. I love being up before the rest of L.A. is awake. I love being able to see the quiet sunrise at the beach. I love our conversations. I love being able to do something just for myself - it's something that no one can take away from me: my health.

Thank you, Texas & Markus!!
Maggie C.
Playa Del Rey, CA

Markus has a unique approach that makes working out almost transparent. I'm super busy but I really look forward to my sessions - They have become a part of my business day! I'm having fun, getting strong, toned and gaining endurance. It's the best workout I have ever had!
Jim D. - Entrepreneur
Redondo Beach, CA

I have had the pleasure over the last few months to workout with both Markus and Texas. They are always well prepared for each workout session and they make it a point to vary our workouts almost every session which really keeps it interesting and boredom free. Both Markus and Texas really know how to focus on all muscle groups, know exactly what I need and how far they can push me.  I appreciate their dedication. passion and professionalism, unlike some personal trainers I have had in the past, they are always present and fully engaged in each of our training sessions. They make it a point to teach proper form for each exercise and makes sure I fully understand the moments. Markus and Texas are always carefully monitoring and pays very close attention to me throughout our entire workout. It’s clear that at the Fitness Underground  they always make it a point to train effectively, safely and enjoyably. They are not your average trainers and worth every dime and than some!
Steven B.- Paramount Studios
Manhattan Beach, CA.

Thanks to The Fitness Underground my skinny jeans are loose now! I never thought I would ever be able to slide into those again. Wow!
Rebecca B. – Graphic Artist
Manhattan Beach, CA.

I can’t believe I hear myself saying, “I actually look forward to my next workout”!  30 pounds down and ready to see just how far we can take this. Thanks guys!
Rex C. – Media Partners, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA

The Fitness Underground-Los Angeles helped me shed those stubborn pounds. No matter what I did or how hard I worked I just couldn’t do it, talk about frustrating. Texas showed me a new way to approach healthy eating and daily exercise. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I’m a size 4 again! Unbelievable. YOU ROCK GIRL.
Hedi A. – V.P. Pharmaceutical Sales
Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

The Fitness Underground-LA has changed my life! I started training with Markus and Texas twice a week in mid January 2009 and today, Oct.1st, 2009, I am just a few pounds shy of an unbelievable "70" pound weight loss. The healthy weight loss I never thought possible in such a short period of time is something I've realized, I could never have done on my own! Markus and Texas have helped me make the changes that I have been battling with for years. Because they both lead by example, they have been such a positive influence on me. The support and guidance they've given me has been invaluable. Most trainers give you an hour of their time and then gone until your next session. Markus and Texas were always there for me, on or off the clock. Between the phone conversations, their unlimited online support and emails, the multitude of ways they find to keep you motivated and being able to supplement my personal training sessions with "free access" to any of their fitness boot camps, have made mine and many other's transformations possible.  What they have given me is way, way more than I have spent.

You don't have to do it alone, not when you have professionals like Markus and Texas that are so committed to their client's success. I haven’t looked better or felt so good in years! I would like to thank The Fitness Underground-LA for giving me my life and good health back.
Jamie A. - American Airlines
El Segundo, CA.

I’m doing my part to spark the economy since none of my old fat clothes fit any more!
I am so excited to be able to buy and wear more fashionable clothing now that I have lost more than 40 pounds. Texas was so right, having kids was such a lame excuse! Love you guys.
Carol N. – “Super Soccer Mom”
Santa Monica, CA.

I began working with Markus around July of 2008. His passion, for his work and helping people improve their lives, kept me on track. Markus developed an outstanding fitness program that helped me over the last ten or so months to strengthen my entire muscular and cardiovascular systems. In doing so, I was provided with great enhancements to my physical and physiological being. The workouts progressed seamlessly as I advanced and I never found the workouts to be boring or ordinary. The Fitness Underground is far from being ordinary.
F. Phillips
Los Angeles, CA.

Fitness Kickboxing with Markus is a total blast, it’s the best workout ever!
I used to struggle with my cardio-workouts and I have never seen results like I’ve seen since I started hitting the pads with Markus. It’s a fantastic way to relieve stress, build cardiovascular endurance and build muscle. I’m so hooked.
Bob M. – Securities Attorney
Beverly Hills, CA.

Texas and Markus of The Fitness Underground, are complete professional in every sense of the word. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of my family members, friends or co-workers, in fact I have. They not only have made my wife and I physically fit but mentally and spiritually fit as well. Namaste!
The Williams Family
Pacific Palisades, CA.

How can an investment in you be a bad one? Markus and Texas have given me the best return on my money than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, I am a rich man even though good health is priceless!
Paul K. – Sony Entertainment Television
Beverly Hills, CA.

The transformation has been amazing and we’re not even done yet…Who knew this was even possible. I love Yoga with Texas and Fitness Kickboxing with Markus.
Thank you so much, you both have been so wonderful.
K. Green-Scholtz- Attorney
Hermosa Beach, CA.

I’ve been training with The Fitness Underground for about four months now, and I am totally pleased with the amazing results I’ve seen in that short period of time. Being able to split my sessions between Markus and Texas is wonderful. Two personal trainers for the price of one, it’s a very unique dynamic that works so well and something I have never seen offered! Each brings something different to the workout, which really keeps my sessions from becoming boring. I’ve learned so much from both of them and have had a great time. Thanks guys, you are the best and I am so happy I found you.
Teresa W.
Santa Monica, CA.

Being new to the workout experience, I was a bit uneasy when I decided to take my physician’s advice and start a workout program. I interviewed several trainers and none seemed to be a good fit until I met with Texas and Markus from The Fitness Underground. They seemed to be the only personal trainers that were more about promoting good health, than a beautiful body. Their easy going, friendly personalities made me feel very comfortable and their passion got me excited to start. It’s now been a little over a year, I’ve lost 47 pounds and I have recently been taken off my blood pressure medication. At age 59 I have never felt or looked better. Thank you!
Bob S.- CBS
Beverly Hills, CA.

I was using the excuse of being a mother of two for years not to get in shape, until I met Texas. When she lifted up her shirt and showed me her “six pack” and said, “I have two kids too," I knew not only did I just meet my new personal trainer, but that sorry excuse I was using just didn’t fly any more. Thanks Texas for showing me the light.
Susan L.
El Segundo, CA.

My wife Melissa and I used to waste our time and money blindly going to the gym, either one of us really saw great results for our efforts. We came across an ad for the Fitness Underground-Los Angeles and decide to check them out. After dinner one night, Melissa and I spent some time to explore their site and the more we read, the more it became clear to us that personal training was the way for us to go. After meeting Texas and Markus we quickly realized that they were not your “typical run of the mill” fitness trainers. In the past, we looked into hiring a health club personal trainer, but they didn’t seem genuine and the programs seemed so bland. What really sparked our interest was the depth of the programs they offered and how they could tailor fit them to our personal needs. Melissa and I are both busy professionals, and the added convenience of the workout coming to us three times a week was very appealing and sealed the deal.  It’s been close to a year now , we’ve lost a total of 63 pounds between us and my wife and I haven’t felt or looked better in years. Thank you Fitness Underground, we both greatly appreciate the support and love the workouts!
Frank & Melissa G.
Culver City, CA.

I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for The Fitness Underground-Los Angeles. Markus and Texas has served as my personal trainers since August 2007. As a physician, I understand the importance of daily exercise and it’s many benefits in regards to promoting good health. I have a stressful job and there is no better release than hitting the pads with Markus or practicing Yoga with Texas. In such a short period of time they have significantly improved my over-all strength and my cardio-vascular fitness. I like the discipline, intensity, and enthusiasm they both bring to each training session and their skills and knowledge are very evident. Having an exceptional workout show up at my doorstep has been invaluable with my busy schedule.

John H. – M.D.
Beverly Hills, CA.

Take charge, lose weight, get in shape, and let the Fitness Underground change your life forever. I did..!
Harper D.
Marina del Rey, CA.

Markus makes my workouts challenging, creative and fun! He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get the most out of me, in turn providing me with the results I wanted.
Steve E. – USTA
Manhattan Beach, CA.