Starting in April 2011 (next month), The Fitness Underground LA is throwing down the challenge to you! We challenge you to start moving in a healthier direction by showing your commitment to your “personal health and fitness!”

It’s time to make your health and fitness goals a priority in your life. It’s time to get serious, it’s time to inspire others and it’s time to motivate the people in your life (family, friends, co-workers) by leading by example. 

So get ready to Walk 30-miles in 30-days, Run 30-miles in 30-days, Bike 30-miles in 30-days, Swim 30-miles in 30-days, Eat Well for 30-days, or do some sort of workout for 30-days (you vary it all up).

To prove that this challenge can be completed with juggling a busy schedule, family etc. (and to lead by example); this month I’ve jumped back into the pool and I am well on track to swim 30-miles in 30-days. I haven’t been in the pool since my shoulder surgery and to be honest I wasn’t even sure I could do it… but staying focused and committed and making this a priority, I will meet this challenge.

So start thinking about setting a new challenge for yourself. So many good and positive things will come of this and at the end you will be so happy you did.

One Fitness Challenge participant will win a “MIO Fitness Watch.” There is no cost to enter (No Professional  Athletes or Fitness Trainers- Sorry Los Angeles Area residents only). Email us at for your entry form and training log sheet.









Start Moving In a Healthier Direction...

Not your traditional Old School Fitness Boot Camp. If you want someone in your face yelling, join the Army. If you want to have fun, great in shape and enjoy a more positive and uplifting fitness Boot Camp experience.. Join us!





The Fitness Underground-Los Angeles Releases : America Is Growing

Markus & Texas of The Fitness Underground-Los Angeles, bring you another iMovie with an important and eye opening health message.
Markus: "We hope by watching America Is Growing, it helps people to better understand and realize the importance of making Healthier Choices in their daily life."
Texas: "Our powerful message of Good Health, Clean Living and the importance of Daily Exercise is too important to ignore." 
The Fitness Underground's goal is to reach beyond their growing Los Angeles client base and help as many people as possible, encouraging all to start moving in a healthier direction by making healthier choices daily. Markus and Texas want people to know how good, feeling good really feels.
Markus: " By making healthier choices people will start living happier, healthier and more rewarding lives. I want as many people as possible to experience the difference." 
Texas: "People have a gross mis-conception about making healthier choices - this doesn't mean sacrificing. Making important lifestyle changes isn't a negative thing."
America Is Growing - can be viewed on iTunes, The Fitness Underground's YouTube channel and on their website.