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The Fitness Underground-Los Angeles offers you two Kickboxing options. Cardio Blast Fitness Kickboxing (Kickboxing for Fitness) and Contact Kickboxing (Kickboxing for Sport).

Which ever one you choose, get ready to experience the Ultimate Full Body Cardio-Strength Workout.

These fitness based programs will keep you totally engaged while you learn new skills, build strength and power, lose weight and sculpt your body. Improve core stability and strength, gain cardio endurance and speed, develop balance and flexibility. Build self-confidence and sharpen your mind while you are having more fun than you have ever had working out. It’s a real calorie burner!

The Fitness Kickboxing & Sport Kickboxing Programs are affordable “One on One Training,” with qualified instructors with martial arts and competitive fighting experience, as well as elite-certified personal training backgrounds making these programs safe and effective.

With the “Cardio Blast Fitness Kickboxing Program” there is need to worry since this is purely a “fitness based program”, there is “no-contact” other than hitting- focus mitts, kicking shields, training bags and other training equipment. This program is suitable for men and women of just about any age or fitness level.

This is not a typical health club faux kickboxing program which in most cases is little more than a aerobic class where proper form and technique isn't stressed or taught, making the risk of injury high. It's also more than beating the stuffing out of a pair of pads being held by an unqualified instuctor with no real formal training.

For the more serious Kickboxer we offer Contact Kickboxing. This program is designed to get you "Ring Ready", it includes training with traditional training equipment as well as full contact sparring and a mixture of hard core conditioning workouts.

If you are serious about reaching your ultimate fitness goals and achieving a new level of health and fitness, one that you could never imagine possible, then these exciting, energizng and fun programs are for you!



1 hr. private session - $85
Invite your friends to join you for a semi-private session  - $10 each additional person (Up to 3 people)

*Private training at your home (in our service area) or our private studio

*$100/hr - all locations outside of our service area







The Fitness Underground-LA has changed my life! I started training with Markus and Texas twice a week in mid January 2009 and today, Oct.1st, 2009, I am just a few pounds shy of an unbelievable "70" pound weight loss. The healthy weight loss I never thought possible in such a short period of time is something I've realized, I could never have done on my own! Markus and Texas have helped me make the changes that I have been battling with for years. Because they both lead by example, they have been such a positive influence on me. The support and guidance they've given me has been invaluable. Most trainers give you an hour of their time and then gone until your next session. Markus and Texas were always there for me, on or off the clock. Between the phone conversations, their unlimited online support and emails, the multitude of ways they find to keep you motivated and being able to supplement my personal training sessions with "free access" to any of their fitness boot camps, have made mine and many other's transformations possible.  What they have given me is way, way more than I have spent.

You don't have to do it alone, not when you have professionals like Markus and Texas that are so committed to their client's success. I haven’t looked better or felt so good in years! I would like to thank The Fitness Underground-LA for giving me my life and good health back.
Jamie A. - American Airlines
El Segundo, CA.

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