Q: How Do I Get Started “MOVING IN A HEALTHIER DIRECTION” with The Fitness Underground ?
A: 1. It’s simple. Call or email us to set up a convenient time and date for your fitness consultation.

2. We first begin with your personal and confidential health and fitness  consultation where we thoroughly review your health history, learn about and discuss your needs, establish your phase one goals and set a realistic personal timeline. Then we take a quick and easy electronic body composition analysis; which includes weight, body fat measurement, lean muscle measurement, BMI Index and Visceral Fat reading. At the close of our first meeting you will be well informed and excited to get started.

3. Once your first workout is scheduled, you'll be ready to start working with your personal trainer having more fun than you could have ever imagine. You’ll feel empowered and feel great knowing you’ve taken the most important step toward reaching your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

The start up process, although thorough & detailed, is quick and easy - We'll get you started as soon as you're ready!

Q: I feel a little nervous, I am fairly new to working out and I’ve never really worked out with a personal trainer before.
A: No worries, this is a pretty common feeling many new clients experience. In most cases within minutes of meeting us at your fitness consultation, you’ll feel extremely comfortable with us and confident you made the right choice. You will instantly feel our caring vibe and be driven by our passion for helping people change their lives.
We aren’t want-a-be actors, screen writers etc, we are the real deal, health and fitness professionals dedicated to our profession and deeply committed to you. We excel by educating clients and designing programs that take them well beyond their goals, beyond what they ever thought was possible. At The Fitness Underground we’re here to support you in any way possible as we bring out the best in you while we improve your health, fitness and body.

Q: How can The Fitness Underground help me?
A: It’s no secret that working with a well-qualified personal trainer from The Fitness Underground is the fastest, safest, most effective and most legitimate fitness and weight loss optimization strategy available. Working one on one with a trainer is the secret to your success. A trainer provides benefits that you can’t find when working out on your own. Not only do we tailor the workout to fit your individual needs and goals, we are also there to give you motivation and that extra push when you need it.
In just 4-8, one-hour sessions with The Fitness Underground, most clients start making important lifestyle adjustments that will greatly improve their quality of life for years to come. Our clients learn more about healthy nutrition and the science of proper exercise than they could ever learn even if they read over 10 books or exercised on their own for years. It’s really no fault of their-own; health, fitness and lifestyle management is a fine science. Experience the difference!

How long is each session?
A: Each private one-on-one training session last for an hour.
Our workouts incorporate multiple muscle group and cardio movements allowing us to accomplish a maximum amount of fitness in the shortest amount of time. Maximizing your workout is key!

Q: Am I fit enough to train with The Fitness Underground?
A: The Fitness Underground’s programs are “personally and carefully” designed for you! No one is too old or too out-of-shape to start moving in a healthier direction. Clients progress based upon their existing health and fitness level – Clients who are new to working out begin gently and the more advanced and seasoned enthusiast progress more aggressively as we work towards their personal health and fitness goals. Leave it to the professionals at The Fitness Underground to get you on and keep you on the path.

Q: Programs?
A: At The Fitness Underground we specializes in:
Cardiovascular Conditioning, Weight Loss & Body Sculpting, Core Strength & Stability, Flexibility & Balance, Speed & Agility, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Sport Specific Conditioning, Stress Reduction.
Popular Programs:
Weight and Circuit Training, Yoga, Pilates Mat-Work, Plyometrics, TRX Suspension Training, Cardio-Blast Fitness Kickboxing, Kettlebell Training, Fit at 40 and Beyond, Wu Chi Do and Beach Boot Camp.
All programs are personally designed with you and your health and fitness goals in mind. Any or all of the above disciplines may be included into your personal program. Program depth and variety is what sets The Fitness Underground apart from your run of the mill trainers and what keeps you engaged and looking forward to your next workout.

Q: Payments?
A: Payment is required for blocks of sessions in advance of actual training sessions. Payments may be made either once monthly or twice monthly, whichever is more suitable for your budget. For your convenience,we accept payments by cash, check or credit card. We require a minimum 2 month commitment of at least one training session per week.

Q: How often should I meet with a trainer?
A: Most clients will see great and more rapid results when they meet with us “two to three” times per week, especially new clients who are just implementing a new fitness program and clients who find it difficult to be totally committed to training hard on their own on days they aren’t meeting with their trainer. 
Here’s a few important things to be considered:
What are your ultimate health and fitness goals?
How quickly do you want to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals?
How important are your health and fitness goals?
Who much time, are you really willing to commit to start moving in a healthier direction?

Q: I don’t have exercise equipment, can you still train me in my home?
A: This is not a problem since The Fitness Underground brings a “fully equipped” workout to you. We have a large variety of state of the art fitness tools to keep your workout challenging and most important interesting and fun. You will get a great workout no matter what your current fitness level.

What are the benefits of training at home?
A: Private training in your home conveniently adheres to your schedule. Many people are too busy to get in the car, brave traffic, find parking, and work out for an hour at a gym or studio, only to get back in the car and back into traffic… that leaves you anything but relaxed. Your trainer can come to your home at a time that is convenient for you.
By having your trainer come to you, you really have no excuse not to work out.