Take your workout with you! iTRAIN™ is a breakthrough fitness product that takes personalized conditioning to a whole new level. This cutting edge fitness program allows users to download personalized trainer workouts onto any MP3 player.

4 Plans to choose from:

Unlimited Resolutions + Sony Wireless Mp3 Player - ($199 for a year)
Not even 1 dollar per download with the latest mp3 player!! 
       A one-time fee: Receive one 2GB Sony Wireless mp3 player with Unlimited personal-trainer workouts on demand
Unlimited Resolutions - ($149 for a year)
Not even $1 per download!! 
      A one-time fee: Unlimited audio & video personal-trainer workouts on demand

Monthly Motivator - (Buy 3, Get The 4th month FREE) 
    Only 3.75 per download!!
      Realize your fitness goals with iTRAIN's Monthly Motivator package. Get 4 months of iTrain workouts for only $44.99

    *A La Carte - Averages $10.00 per download!!
    Variety is the spice of life. This freedom method will give you access to iTRAIN's workouts at your leisure.

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"Take charge, lose weight, get in shape, and let the Fitness Underground change your life forever. I did..!"

Harper D.
Marina del Rey, CA

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